DURAvapourbarrier – an ideal separation membrane for concrete roads

DURAvapourbarrier – an ideal separation membrane for concrete roads. A separation membrane in concrete roads is usually laid over the sub-base, without creases, on to which concrete slab is laid. There shall be no standing water on or under the membrane when the concrete is placed upon it. Such a separation membrane reduces friction between concrete and sub-base, prevents seepage of from concrete to sub-base and also prevents the intermixing of freshly placed concrete with loose materials on the surface of sub-base. It also prevents the loss of water from cement paste which affects the strength of concrete slab. Further, it avoids the possibility of active aggressive agents from soil water being attached to the concrete slab.

duravapourbarrier-an-ideal-separation-membrane-for-concrete-roadsSeparation membrane for concrete roads should be made up of impermeable plastic/ polyethylene sheet. It should be of reasonable thickness of say, 125 micron (in case of NHAI projects it is of 150 micron usually). However, where an overlap of plastic sheets is necessary, this shall be at least 300 mm.

There are several conventional separation membrane materials available like LDPE films, PVC or bentonite sheets available in the market but DURAvapourbarrier manufactured and supplied by Supreme Industries stands out among them because of its quality.

DURAvapourbarrier is a high performance separation membrane used in building foundations, concrete roads, pavements etc. It is a cost-effective alternative to conventional products like LDPE films etc. as it offers four layers of vapour barrier transmission including two layers of special polymeric interlay. Its closed-cell structure ensures negligible water/ water vapour absorption. Its thousands of tiny air cells trapped in foam and reinforced with high performance polymeric interlay not only ensures permeability but also provides tensile strength, pliability, tear resistance and durability.

DURAvapourbarrier also has excellent chemical resistance. Further, its rot proof & bacteria resistant features are added advantage. Most importantly it’s is very easy to use and doesn’t require any specialised skills which enhances its utility at the construction site.

Floor protection for wood, ceramic and vinyl floors during construction. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Anti-slip 
  • High Strength
  • Durable
  • High Density
  • Excellent Cushioning 
  • Non Staining
  • Water Proof
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable 

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