DURAvapourbarrier – an excellent separation membrane

A separation membrane is a vapour barrier which is usually used to prevent intermixing of freshly placed concrete with loose materials on the surface of the sub-base. For most portions of the foundations water control is of prime importance. In structures like foundation, separation membrane is applied to the area where the concrete element will be placed that is directly exposed to moisture. Separation membrane is necessary to reduce the potential for lateral moisture migration beneath the foundation. The effectiveness of the barrier is determined by the design and care involved in its application.

duravapourbarrier-an-excellent-seperation-membraneWhile selecting separation membrane material, one should consider material’s tensile strength, pliability, tear resistance, durability under bacterial action, freezing and thawing or wetting and drying. If in doubt, it is clearly prudent to err on the conservative side and go for the best material. Sheet products are advantageous vis-a-vis fluids in terms of consistency in product material properties and thickness. There are several conventional vapour barrier materials available like LDPE films, PVC or bentonite sheets. DURAvapourbarrier manufactured by Supreme Industries is known for its high performance and is widely used in the construction industry.

DURAvapourbarrier is a water vapour barrier material composed of thousands of tiny air cells trapped in foam and reinforced with high performance polymeric interlay, which helps to reduce the overall permeance. It offers four layers of vapour barrier transmission including two layers of special polymeric interlay.

DURAvapourbarrier has closed-cell structure thus ensuring water/water vapour resistance. It also has excellent chemical resistance and is inert to most acids and alkalis. Further, it is resistant to growth of fungi, vermin and bacteria. It is flexible and easy to use which saves considerable time and money.

DURAvapourbarrier is widely used as separation membrane in building foundations, concrete roads and pavements.