Circular profile back-up rods

DURArods is a closed-cell polymer based foam filler material with a circular profile. It ensures stronger bonding of sealant with masonry, aluminium or other substrates and helps to maintain desired thickness of sealant at the joint’s centre. It does not bond with cold applied sealants. DURArods (back-up rods) is used as back-up to sealants in expansion joints and structural glazing systems.


  • Closed-cell – negligible water / water vapour absorption
  • Excellent chemical resistance – inert to most acids and alkalis
  • Cost-effective space filler solution
  • Allows unrestrained expansion and contraction of sealants. Eliminates bubbling of sealants
  • Non-staining 


Ideal for use in:

  • Pre-cast panel joints
  • Coping joins
  • Contraction joints
  • Expansion joints
  • structural glazing systems as a back-up to sealants
  • Glazing joints
  • Isolation joints
  • Dynamic joints in masonry
  • Window and door frame perimeters
  • Control joints