Heavy-duty foam boards for industrial flooring

DURAfill is an alkali resistant, closed-cell polymer based filler material for RCC columns, beams, walls, and slabs. Its excellent recovery (after compression) makes it suitable product for this application. It is an exclusive product, designed to be used as expansion joint filler in buildings


  • Closed-cell – negligible water/ water vapour absorption
  • Bitumen free – Non-staining, non-impregnated and non-bleeding. Does not disintegrate
  • Easy to use – No crumbs, dust or fibers. Can be cut with knife for easy installation
  • Excellent chemical resistance – Unaffected by alkalis, alcohols, detergents, petrochemical products and most mild acids
  • Excellent recovery – can accommodate joint movement
  • Does not dis-colour sealants or architectural substrates 


Ideal for use as:

  • Isolation solution for black cotton soil
  • Isolation joints between adjacent constructions, e.g. buildings, around manholes, drains and other insets in concrete etc.
  • Structural expansion joint in buildings
  • Buildings brick and block work