Applications Products
Expansion joint filler boards
Circular profile back-up rodsDURArods
De-bonding stripsDURAsilstrip
Foam closure roofing profilesDURAroofil
Adhesive backed foam tapes for sealing DURAtapes
Waterproofing membrane DURAmembrane
Solution for floor / tile protection DURAfloorprotector
Spandrel insulation in glass façade building DURAshield
Foam based water vapour barrier DURAvapourbarrier
Polymer based shuttering for curing of concrete DURAshutteringmate
Membrane protection boards DURAfloorprotector
Heavy-duty foam boards for industrial flooringDURAfloorguard
Isolation solution for black cotton soilDURAfill
High-density yet lightweight filler boardDURAlitefill
High-strength composite solution for floor / tile protectionDURAfloorprotector-xf
Customized solution for protection of window channelsDURAchannelguard